2021 Charleston Wedding Trends: Bright and Vibrant Color Inspiration

New year… new trend! We are leaving neutral and basic color pallets in 2020 and welcoming bold and bright colors to incorporate into weddings for 2021! Whites, champagnes, and blushes are always a favorite classic, but this year we are expected to see vibrant colors, mixed patterns and textures, and statement color pieces that will be nothing like what we have seen before. 2020 threw many unexpected curveballs at us, but it also brought a new appreciation for vibrant and bold parties that enhance our celebration experience. We love seeing couples embracing bold and bright colors and not being afraid to let creativity take the lead! Instead of using a palette with just one or two colors, 2021 is the year to play around with saturated color. Use these bright colors to liven up your linens, tablescapes, florals or attire, and don’t be afraid to have “wow” factors! Texture is also a key trend when it comes to design elements like layering florals and greenery, linens, paper goods, and more. These trending colors are bound to inspire your color palette selection for your big day! 

For one, we are expecting bright colors like yellow to be a hot new color trend that is sure to make your wedding day one that doesn’t feel bland or dull. Vibrant and warm, this sunny shade doesn’t take much to make a big impact – “Illuminating Yellow” was also named Pantone’s color of the year for 2021! Get ready to see this color trend start popping up at weddings all throughout the year. This color can be beautifully incorporated into wedding design and will leave your guests swooning. Unconventional florals like billy balls, daisies, and wildflower arrangements are growing in popularity and are a great way to add a pop of this color into florals!

Another color trend we are absolutely loving is throwback brights! The 70’s brought us avocado green, burnt orange, and bright red. The 80’s inspired us with electric pinks, blues, yellows, and greens. The 90’s were known for their vibrant jewel-tone palettes. These throwback colors have sparked a nostalgia for colors like fuchsia, yellow, teal, bright red, and cobalt. Rather than just picking one or two of these fun colors to use, this trend uses multiple colors that results in a bold and non-traditional palette. Since the average age of couples getting married is now older than it used to be, it’s no surprise that we will be seeing a resurgence of these nostalgic colors to brighten up weddings this year!

Blue has also been a timeless classic to incorporate into weddings, Classic Blue was even named Pantone’s color of the year for 2020. However, darker hues like navy and sapphire will be less present this year, and lighter and brighter hues will be taking over! Instead, those darker hues could be used as accent colors, while lighter shades like sky blue, periwinkle, and French blues will be very popular this year. Shades of blue are so easy to incorporate into weddings because this versatile color can work in any season – summer or winter… spring or fall! Don’t be afraid to incorporate other colors into your blue palette also! Colors like berry, fuchsia, green, burnt orange, and pinks are all colors that mix beautifully with shades of blue. 

Lastly, be on the lookout for one of our favorites… Papaya Orange! This color works well with almost any wedding style – whether you are loving the boho-chic look, tropical vibes, terracotta hues, or a fresh and fruity design! This color looks especially beautiful for beach or boho weddings. Papaya Orange is flawless when paired with earthy, neutral palettes and dried palm leaves or pampas grass. This color trend is taking Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019, “Living Coral” and putting a fresh and new twist to 2021 weddings. 

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We love couples who aren’t afraid to play around with color – and 2021 is the year for new, creative combinations! Funky patterns, bold colors, layered textiles, and eye-catching accents are ways to not only incorporate your personality and style into your big day, but this will also take your wedding from pretty and classic – to a wedding that will WOW your guests and leave them with a wedding day that they will never forget!

— Photography by: Dana Cubbage

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