5 Must-haves in your bridal suite

Through my experience in wedding photography I have seen my fair share of bridal suites—

each one showing me some things I liked and disliked about the place the bridal party spends a majority of their day. 

When I started curating the décor at my bridal suite for my August 2020 wedding, I knew I wanted it to be a relaxing environment for my girls and I to get ready in but also some fun pieces for us all to enjoy. 

In this post I will talk through 5 must-haves for your bridal suite!

1. Mimosa Bar 

Bring on the bubbly!

 Dress up your mimosa bar with a custom sign, carafes with your favorite juices, and all of the garnishes. I also added stemless champagne flutes that were the perfect touch of elegance

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2. Items for details shots:

My photographer (Shelby Stewart with the Wedding Click) brought in her styling board and fabrics, but gave me a list of items to bring with me to complete the details shots:

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3. Full length mirrors 

Full length mirrors and other mirror for girls to check their makeup and stylists to use throughout the day are crucial. As well mirrors, make sure outlets and tables for your stylists are available. Also, try setting up your mirrors in areas where ample light comes through; your makeup artist and photographer will appreciate it!

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4. Food! 

Inevitably the days always gets busy and food becomes an afterthought. When it is there for your girls to snack on + water/beverages, dehydration and exhaustion become less likely during the day. Bring in a good mix of protein, carbs, and some sweets (CFA cookies and mini Bundt cakes were my choices)!

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Don’t forget to bring in some décor pieces here too! I loved these vintage ginger jars passed down from my great aunt.

5. Most Importantly: Your Bride Tribe!

These girls will be the ones to wipe your tears, buckle your shoes, and clean up the house so it isn’t cluttered when the photographer is taking pictures. They are your closest confidants and deserve to be honored on your day as well! The robes my bridesmaids were in came from Etsy ; I loved the fringe details + the floral pattern. 

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I am so thankful for this group of girls who stood by my side and made sure every detail on my day was perfect. They also brought the music and the Tiktok dances in the bridal suite– another must-have in my book!

I hope this list of must-haves ensures your bridal suite is full of charm, but also functionality on the day of. 

Photography: Shelby Stewart with the Wedding Click 

-Keagan R. James 

Lead Planning Assistant 

Classic Planning and Design Co. 

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