Classic Planning and Design Team Introductions

Meet our newest team members:

Our Classic Planning and Design Team is growing and we are thrilled to introduce our two newest team members.

We are so excited to officially welcome Madelyn Fender to our team! Madelyn graduated in May 2019 from Coastal Carolina University with a dual degree in Hospitality Management and Marketing with a minor in International Business. Through studying abroad and multiple internships She has found a love for meeting new people and building professional relationships. Her experience in the hospitality industry paired with her love for customer service makes a great asset! Madelyn will be a Planning Assistant at CPDC & she is thrilled to begin her career in this industry!

Keagan James is also joining our team as Lead Planning Assistant at CPDC! Keagan recently graduated from Clemson University. Her organizational skills and fast pace work ethic makes her a great asset! She can multitask like a boss and her attention to detail is impeccable. Keagan is drawn to a classic design esthetic but, also loves to incorporate a more modern feel into her design process.

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