Kayla + Hastine, Intimate Wedding

Weddings & Covid 19

When Kayla decided to reschedule her June 6th wedding in the midst of the pandemic I never imagined she would opt to move her wedding up as opposed to selecting a later date.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, both families decided that proceeding with the ceremony & reception at an earlier date would be the best option. In a matter of 2 weeks we made huge adjustments to our original plans to best suite their new vision. Kayla & Hastine were married in an intimate ceremony just before sunset at her parents home.

Fifty of their closest friends & family witnessed their vows and enjoyed a gorgeous dinner on the veranda while celebrating the new Mr & Mrs. Love truly brought these families together & it made me extremely happy to see people once again celebrating in such a beautiful way. After dinner was served & the cake was cut a brand new crowd of happy people arrived to enjoy the dancefloor & toast the Bride & Groom.

They danced the night away & the feeling of joy & excitement was almost tangible.

I usually gush all about wedding design & all of the pretty little details when I blog but, this was my first wedding after Covid 19 & I will never remember it for the colors or the flowers or the perfect lighting {even though it was all gorgeous.}

I will remember it as the day that two families chose happiness & to celebrate the beginning of a brand new love story, the day that I saw people eager to once again be together in celebration, the day that I found a restored hope in moving forward with the many plans being made for large weddings & festive parties, the day that guidelines were considered but, ultimately the freedom to choose for our clients & their guest in deciding how to conduct themselves in a social setting was upheld, the day that I got to be a small part of something much bigger, & the day that I knew I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing in moving forward.

We put our clients first & we made positive recommendations while always assuring them that we would do whatever they wanted to move forward. It wasn’t scary & there wasn’t a dark cloud following us around. We encouraged the freedom to choose. It was thought out, considerate, beautiful, & refreshing

It was everything that our clients wanted in the way in which they were most comfortable.

It was perfect. 

Photo: Stil Co Photography

Food: Palmetto Peach 

Flowers: Coastal Creations

Cake/Desert: Cakes By Kait

Bar: Lowcountry Bar Services

DJ: Dance Doctors

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